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Which costume are you wearing?

Halloween is upon us in case you haven’t noticed. 😊 A day of the year celebrated by millions across the nation to create and/or purchase a costume to dress up and pretend to be something different for one day.

Are you pretending to be someone different? Having lived with Fibromyalgia for 18 years I can say I am guilty of pretending to be someone different and not just on Halloween. I have pretended I was “OK” when I was really in pain. I pretended to be “OK” when I was really exhausted. I pretended to be “OK” when I was really struggling inside, and the list goes on and on and instead of pretending to be different one day a year I was pretending EVERY day ALL year long.

Why do we pretend to be OK when we’re struggling? Who are we trying to make feel better us? Our family? Our friends? People at work? I don’t know why you’ve done it, but I know I’ve done it because I don’t want to appear less than, or weak, or abnormal.

Why do we place so much into what others think of us? For acceptance? For love? For understanding? All the above? It’s OK to not feel 100% every day. It’s OK to just be who we are. We are all flawed, we all have good days and bad days and strengths and weaknesses.

It is my opinion that most people who have chronic conditions (and some who don’t) pretend to be “different” all year long. Whether that different is healthy, energetic, happy, etc. because we want to appear “OK” to those around us.
As the nation prepares for this celebration I would to challenge you (and me) to stop “dressing up” as something different than we are. Take off our “masks” and the “costumes” we wear every day and just be ourselves because being who you are is enough!

In health and happiness

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