Hudson’s Corner

Dedicated to my little warrior Hudson and his furry friends.  Bringing you tips, tricks and information to help you take care of your four-legged friend, because they take care of us.
Do dogs need vitamins and minerals?  

The short answer is YES, absolutely! Vitamins are organic compounds that are necessary to sustain life.  Just like humans, they don’t get all the vitamins and nutrients they need from their food.  Animal’s bodies need vitamins for growth and maintenance.

Below is a list of vitamins important for animals:  
Vitamin A-this fat-soluble vitamin is good for vision, growth, immune
and cell function.
Vitamin B– Thiamine helps regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism.  Riboflavin’s, B12 helps facilitate enzyme function.  B6 is especially vital.  Responsible for glucose generation, red blood cell, nervous system function, hormone regulation, immune response. Pantothenic acid helps with energy metabolism.  Folic acid-plays a role in amino acid and nucleotide metabolism and mitochondrial protein synthesis.
Vitamin C- an important antioxidant
Vitamin D allows them to balance minerals without it they would not be able to develop properly or maintain healthy bones and muscle.
Vitamin E-one of the defenses against oxidative damage.
Vitamin K-a fat soluble vitamin instrumental in activating your dog’s blood’s ability to clot.

Wondering where to find something that has all these in it? Check with your vet or do a search on the internet.  There are some great products on the market!